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Olgringo Pepper Sauce
Pepper Sauces:
Cowtown Original
Chuckwagon Chipotle
Bordertown Chipotle
TrailBoss Habanero
Gunbarrel Habanero - EXTRA FIRE
Cajun Cowboy
Salsa Verde
Howling Hickory - MILD
Howling Hickory - HOT
Saddle Burn with Jolokia - HOT, HOT
Olgringo Pepper Sauce
Texsriracha Chili Rojo
Olgringo Pepper Sauce
Extreme Pequin - CRAZY HOT
Texas Style Meat Rub
Southern Style Hickory Rub
Steak Maker Blend
Fire Salt
Cajun Spice Blend
Chicken Rub
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Olgringo Pepper Sauce

We use all natural ingredients !
Gourmet Pepper Sauce

Right from the heart of the Lone Star State. OlGringo has been making the best gourmet pepper sauces for decades. All of our sauces are quite unique with a perfect combination of heat and flavor.

Our sauces and spices will enhance any type of grub.

Try on grilled meats, eggs, tacos, fish, pizza,
marinades, bloody mary's or anything you want to taste better.

Warning: This here sauce is mighty addictive

Olgringos Pepper Sauce
This unique sauce has a blend of not so hot peppers that focus more on flavor and taste rather than heat.

Enjoy on burgers, chili, soups, pizza, eggs and more.

Olgringos Pepper Sauce
A blend of smoked red jalapeno peppers and mustard, what a combination!

This sauce teams up best with BBQ, hamburgers and hotdog's, but try some on anything for that extra kick of flavor.

OlGringos Pepper Sauce
This blend is made from smoked red jalapeno peppers creating a rich smoky flavor.

Great on all meats, beans, and also makes a great marinade.


Hickory Pepper Sauce
Created from a blend of chipotle and hickory giving it a great southern flavor.

Try it on steaks and burgers


Hickory Pepper Sauce
Created from a blend of chipotle and hickory giving it a great southern flavor.

Try it on steaks and burgers


HOT sauce
This fiery sauce is a blend of habenero, cayenne, chipotle, and "Jolokia" ghost pepper,It starts out a little smokey and sweet, then finishes with intense heat.

Great on anything you like hot.


Bursting with flavor and lip searing heat, this sauce will take your mouth on a journey to a world of true heat sensation. It gives out an aftertaste of pure heat and flavor.

"Not for the timid"

This fiery blend is for ya'll out there that love that pure habanero flavor with a hint of garlic and sweetness.



This sauce is packed with Cajun flavor and just enough heat. Try this sauce on any meat.

Marinade shrimp before grilling. Add to soup or stew to create that creole flavor.


This sauce has that great jalapeno flavor we all love.

Try this sauce on all meat, eggs, soups, etc.


Texsirracha Chili Rojo

Infused with fermented red chilies and garlic, this Ol Gringo version of the popular Sirracha flavor is surprisingly good on burgers BLTs grilled meats and rice.

OlGringo Pepper Sauce / Extreme Pequin / www.olgringos.com
Get ready to light up your taste buds with this extremely hot sauce made with the tiny Chili Pequin chilis from Mexico. These chilis grow wild and are the size of a BB. But packed with intense heat and flavor. Beware this sauce tastes medium at first and has a delay reaction that will get your attention. Its great on just about any type of food.


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